Industry News: Personal Care Appliances Hit "Little Comforts of Life", High-speed Hair Dryers Face Comprehensive Internal Competition

Industry News: Personal Care Appliances Hit "Little Comforts of Life", High-speed Hair Dryers Face Comprehensive Internal Competition

Personal care appliance brands continue to upgrade their products intelligently and present fragmented marketing in online channels. In recent years, users have increasingly focused on self-improvement and healthy living, leading to rapid development in personal care appliances. Brands keenly observe changes in user needs and innovate and upgrade their products accordingly.

User preferences for personal care appliances are reflected in personalized pursuit of product appearance, portability, and intelligent functional design. For example, the current direction of development for hair dryers is high-speed + hair protection + convenience, while electric shavers focus on unique appearance, integrated functionality, and improved product comfort. Over the past few years, online commerce has gradually evolved from a single specialized channel to diversified diffusion, with many emerging channels rising rapidly. Personal care appliance brands have experienced rapid growth in emerging channels due to their strong practicality and high repurchase rates.

Beauty Segmentation, Personal Care Appliances Hit "Little Comforts of Life"

As the beauty economy chain continues to deepen, from "cosmetics" to "trendy gadgets" to "personal care appliance products," the demand for refined consumption has rapidly increased. With consumers' pursuit of a better life in mind, industrial design of personal care appliances continues to reach new heights, continuously breaking through traditional design concepts to bring more imagination to different usage scenarios. In recent years, many personal care appliance products have broken through traditional design boundaries, with current industry focus on technological aesthetics, Nordic home aesthetics, and retro aesthetics.


Yoose Color, with its unique aesthetics and portability, has achieved a GMV of 350 million yuan, with over 6,000 offline stores and over 3 million users! Among them, the first colored shaving product from Darwei has exceeded a GMV of 250 million yuan, with the company's annual GMV reaching 3-4 billion yuan. On the Tmall platform, Yoose Color ranks first in electric shaver sales with a price of over 300 yuan. In early 2023, Yoose Color successfully entered Amazon through the Amazon Key Account Program, and its shaving products began to target overseas markets. Yoose Color's metal products have achieved both "internal competition" and "external competition."

Yoose Color's first mini shaver emphasizes portability. Its size is similar to that of an Apple Bluetooth earphone charging case. It is compact but has a long battery life. It has a built-in 400mAh lithium battery with a Type-C charging port at the bottom. It can be fully charged in 1 hour and can last for about 60 days under normal use.


Exquisite Care: High-speed Hair Dryers Face Comprehensive Internal Competition

In the era of acceleration, many consumers increasingly value hair care, and healthy and beautiful hair is naturally closely related to hair dryers. As a frequently used daily care product, traditional hair dryers, due to their use of brushed motors, can only reach a maximum speed of 20,000-30,000 rpm, resulting in extremely limited airflow, low wind speed, and slow hair drying. To compensate for the insufficient airflow, high-temperature baking is adopted, damaging the hair scales to achieve rapid drying. Fierce market competition has driven many brands to choose to create products that are versatile, lightweight, and convenient, thereby forming a differentiated advantage to reach users.

Recently, beauty brand L'Oréal launched an AirLight Pro photodynamic hair dryer equipped with infrared light and wind combined technology. It is understood that this product can quickly dry hair while fully caring for it, making it smooth and moisturized. As an international beauty giant, L'Oréal's entry into the hair care appliance field has long been anticipated. As early as December 2020, L'Oréal launched the L'Oréal Pro "Hydrogen Water Evaporation Stick", which combines straightening and curling functions with hair care. In October 2023, L'Oréal (China) Co., Ltd. underwent a business change, expanding its business scope to include sales of household appliances, valves and taps, sales of household appliance parts, software development, and internet sales. 


The hair dryer introduced by L'Oréal this time will be launched in the European market in mid-2024 and is planned to be introduced into the Chinese market by the end of the same year. Its retail price is within 400 US dollars (about 2800 yuan), comparable to Dyson's pricing and positioning the same as its Hydrogen Water Evaporation Stick, also taking the high-end route. The prices of L'Oréal PRO Hydrogen Water Evaporation Stick and Hydrogen Water Evaporation Stick 4.0 are 2180 yuan and 3000 yuan respectively. Technologically, the core technology of L'Oréal's hair dryer is still the high-speed brushless motor currently promoted by the industry. Infrared light (or infrared) care is a technology that has existed for many years, and most mainstream brands basically do not use this technology. The main reason is that light-sensitive technology is difficult to produce actual improvements in hair care, and there is little convincing experimental data to support it. Currently, the main hair care technology for hair dryers is negative ion care.


Products such as high-speed hair dryers, hair styling rods, and electric shavers are continuously advancing towards daily productization in the direction of efficiency, intelligence, convenience, and optimized user experience. On the stage of the PCE Personal Care Appliance Expo in August 2024, we witnessed the innovative trends among various personal care categories, which not only demonstrated meticulous product research and development but also showed the brand's insight and thinking on future market trends. Through the splendid display of these new products, the August 2024 PCE Personal Care Appliance Expo showcases nearly achievable efficient, zero-threshold ideal usage scenarios for personal care appliances.